Burn Notice “Army of One” S05E10

Burn Notice Army of One S05E10 ———————————————————————————– Overview: Aired August 25th – When Jesse needs Michael’s help with a security job, Michael joins a group of hijackers who wind up taking hostages at an airport. Army of One Download

Burn Notice “Mind Games” S05E03

Burn Notice Mind Games S05E03 ———————————————————————————– Overview: Aired July 7th – Nate returns to Miami to seek Michael’s help to go after a loan shark who’s harassing a widow. However, the guys soon discover that the loan shark is not all that he seems. Mind Games Download

Burn Notice Season 5 Premiere “Company Man”

Burn Notice Season 5 Premiere! S05E01 ———————————————————————————– Overview: Airing June 23rd – Picking up 6 months from where Season 4 left off, Michael’s on a CIA Mission to find the last man on the list of people that burned him. Company Man Download


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Starting out with a nice slap from Madeline to Michael, I knew this episode would have Anson tagged all over it. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the reason why Madeline swung her cigarette hand into Mike’s cheek. It was due to Michael’s habit of keeping information from her. The only difference this time was that it was more emotionally

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The biggest parasite for Mike – I’d surely say Anson Fullerton as of this episode alone. First thing to discuss would be how Anson knows way too much about Mike’s life. Yes, he was behind the scenes of Mike’s burn notice from the start which makes it much more difficult for Mike to rebel; not

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Remember “Bad Blood”, Season 2 Episode 6 when Ricky needed help to prove his innocence? Way back when, Ricky also mentioned that his brother Andre was serving 25 – life, but now Ricky has an unstoppable urge to exact revenge on the gang that recently killed him. Being very emotional for both Mike and Ricky,

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Turns out, the beef between Agent Pierce and Michael has subsided to an antagonistic friendship for now (not yet completely defused) quite like Sam and Fi once were. The new problem? Well, we’d all say Anson and I’d say his full confidence in ownership over Michael. Also his ability to catch everyone off-guard and get what

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It seems like after one enemy dies another uproots from the woodwork rather quickly. I’m referring to the death and hopefully permanent disappearance of Larry (who knows) and the magic appearance of the man behind the burn notice. Nevertheless, this was only a small portion of the entire finale. We had to first see what [Read More]

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Just when I thought Mike and Fiona’s relationship was skiing down a slippery slope, the CIA mission Agent Pierce arranged for the two could more or less have been compared to a lovely honeymoon. It called for surveillance and a faithful couple which Mike and Fi portrayed at their best to nab a bioweapons specialist

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One of the best episodes in my opinion thus far in this season. Previously, Mike and Sam quarantined Lucien, an old clock-shop owner and bomb maker, to find out who killed Max. From a distress signal Lucien made, his contact (the real criminal) made an appearance where Lucien was held captive and killed him through several rounds [Read More]

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How persuasive is Michael Westen?? Last night’s ep really showed me that a mouth can easily be brought to a gun fight. In an atmosphere full of trigger-ready mercenaries and a hot-headed leader, the security clearance team (Agent Pierce, Jesse and Mike) slipped right under the enemy’s feet and destroyed their entire operation and even [Read More]

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“Am I a suspect?” – Michael Westen Only after a short few episodes did Max prove to be a good voice in Michael’s head and I was just starting to get to know him. But his death opened a whole new chapter in Mike’s life which requires him to sniff and search every corner (not [Read More]

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Remember in Season 3 “Enemies Closer” when Nate & Ruth tried to persuade Madeline into moving to Las Vegas? Well, it didn’t work which was the main reason why Nate & Ruth decided to move to Miami – to be around family especially for little Charlie. The welcome home party however could of just been [Read More]

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