Season 2


Breaking & Entering

Having been recruited by the people who burned him, Michael’s new handler Carla tasks him with helping a computer tech, Jimmy, whose wife and daughter were kidnapped, liberate some information that is guarded by bowelless mercenaries. Go to the Top

Turn & Burn

At Sam’s request, Michael helps a waitress named Sophia who is being stalked by a cartel soldier. Go to the Top

Trust Me

Andy, a cell-phone salesman, was conned into investing in a fake Cuban nightclub. Michael helps Andy when the loan sharks he borrowed from come knocking. Go to the Top


Introduced by Nate, Michael helps a Russian woman named Katya whose sister was smuggled into the U.S. by gangsters. However, Katya cannot afford their extortionate demands, and her sister is being held captive. Go to the Top

Scatter Point

Michael is asked for help by Trevor, a former “wheelman” who’s gone straight. However, Trevor is being pressured into working an upcoming jewel heist by his old boss Timo and fears for his family’s safety. Go to the Top

Bad Blood

Michael helps an old friend who’s suspected of embezzling from a hip-hop mogul. Meanwhile, one of Carla’s men, Victor, recruits Michael to participate in a heist. Go to the Top

Rough Seas

Michael is hired to track down nearly a million dollars worth of pharmaceuticals that were stolen by thieves on their way to Tanzania. Go to the Top

Double Booked

An associate from Michael’s past hires him to assassinate a woman named Jeannie, who is about to become a very rich widow. As Michael investigates, the situation grows more complicated. Go to the Top

Good Soldier

Hired by Fiona’s boyfriend’s friend Henry, Michael poses as a disgruntled bodyguard to thwart a kidnapping plot masterminded by a ruthless man named Lesher. Go to the Top

Do No Harm

Michael prevents a man from committing suicide, whose son suffers from a heart condition. He had lost his savings in a scam after investing in a “miracle drug” for his son, so Michael decides to get him his money back.
Meanwhile, he has to deal with an explosion at his place and his brother in jail. Go to the Top

Hot Spot

In order to get free football tickets, Sam asks Michael to join him in helping Coach Sean Martin, as one of his players is threatened by a local gangster. Meanwhile, Michael works on finding out who tried to kill him. Go to the Top

Seek & Destroy

Michael, under the alias of Miles Parker, is hired by Scott Chandler to investigate strange activity – log-ins at odd hours, unusual computer activity and telephone bugging – at an art gallery. But after being attacked by the the gallery’s receptionist, Michael finds himself working against Chandler. Meanwhile, Michael needs to find the person who planted the bomb at his loft, therefor he turns to arms dealer Seymour for help. Go to the Top

Bad Breaks

Michael finds himself trapped inside a private bank with Jason Bly during an armed robbery. Meanwhile, Michael’s predicament disrupts Sam’s love life. Go to the Top

Truth & Reconciliation

Facing pressure from Sam and Fiona, Michael agrees to help bring a Haitian murderer to justice. Go to the Top

Sins of Omission

Michael’s ex-fiancée seeks his help in freeing her son, who was kidnapped by a black market dealer named Brennen.
Meanwhile, Michael has to get to Victor, the guy who tried to kill him. Go to the Top

Lesser Evil

Michael gets to know Victor’s motivation and his connection to Carla after capturing him. When the truth about Carla’s organization is revealed, everyone is put in danger. Go to the Top

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