Season 3


Friends & Family

After escaping “Management”, Michael is caught by the police and put into jail. An old friend named Harlan bails him out but asks for a favor in return. Go to the Top

Question & Answer

Michael has trouble with Detective Paxson who tracks down a storage unit where he has hidden explosives. Meanwhile, Michael, Fiona and Sam help a couple find their kidnapped son. Go to the Top

End Run

Black market dealer Brennen kidnaps Michael’s brother Nate in order to use Michael for a job, while Michael still has to deal with Detective Paxson’s investigations. Go to the Top

Fearless Leader

Michael gets a hold of a crime lord who seems to be the prime suspect in a Miami PD investigation, so he wants to hand him over to Detective Paxson in return for being left alone. Meanwhile, Sam is being investigated by the IRS. Go to the Top

Signals & Codes

Michael helps a mathematician with preventing the firm he works for from selling government secrets. Go to the Top

The Hunter

Michael is tracked down by Tom Strickler an “agent to the spies”, who offers him his services. He warns him of an Ukrainian who seems to have a grudge against him. When Michael turns to John Beck, a man with connections, they both are kidnapped and soon find themselves being hunted in the Everglades. Meanwhile, Sam and Fiona turn to Strickler to find out more about the kidnapping. Go to the Top

Shot in the Dark

While Strickler still tries to convince Michael to work for him, Michael runs into a boy trying to steal one of his guns. After hearing him out, Michael decides to help the boy get rid of his abusive stepfather. Go to the Top

Friends Like These

Michael agrees to take on a job offered by Strickler in order to have his burn notice cleared. Meanwhile, Barry asks Michael and Fiona for help to retrieve his stolen business ledger. Go to the Top

Long Way Back

Michael gets the news that his file at the agency is being reviewed, so his burn notice might be canceled. Meanwhile, Fiona’s brother Sean visits her to tell her that someone is coming to kill her. Go to the Top

A Dark Road

Fiona is asked for help by a widow who got caught in an insurance scam. Go to the Top

Friendly Fire

Mack, Sam’s old friend shows up and asks for help in a case against a child predator named Rincon.
Meanwhile, Michael meets Mason Gilroy, an associate of Tom Strickler’s, who plans to become his new employer. Go to the Top

Noble Causes

Gilroy teams up Michael with a thief named Claude to steal a file from a consulate. Meanwhile, Sugar returns and asks for Michael’s help. Go to the Top

Enemies Closer

When Michael’s old acquaintance Larry shows up unannounced, it is up to Michael to clean up his mess. Meanwhile, Michael’s brother Nate shows up with his new wife Ruth. Go to the Top

Partners in Crime

Michael wants to find out what Gilroy is after, and in order to fund this operation, he takes on a case at a fashion house, which Sam is very happy about. But everything turns when their client is found murdered. Go to the Top

Good Intentions

Fiona is asked for help by her old friend Coleman, so she goes undercover in a kidnapping ring. Meanwhile, Michael continues to work with Gilroy, but also tips off the FBI about him. Go to the Top

Devil You Know

Michael is approached by his alter ego – the man who actually committed the crimes that were used to burn him. Go to the Top

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